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Why Garfield the Cat?

The question is often asked why Garfield is used on the Muncie Visitors Bureau logo. The answer is quite simple…Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield.
Jim Davis was born and raised in neighboring Grant County. He attended Ball State University where he studied art and business. Jim Davis started publishing his character Garfield in 1978. Garfield is one of the world’s most widely syndicated comic strips. Davis’s other comics works include: Tumbleweeds, Gnorm Gnat and Mr. Potato Head. Jim lives and has had his creation studio, Paws Inc., located in Delaware County for decades.
It is an honor to be the home of the famous Emmy winning feline. The Muncie Visitors Bureau is extremely grateful to Jim Davis and Paws, Inc. for allowing the use of Garfield as a marketing tool for the community.
On your next visit to Muncie, be sure to travel the Garfield Statue Trail. Twenty-five statues created during Garfield’s 25th birthday celebration are located throughout the community. Maps with statue locations are available at the Muncie Visitors Bureau office or by contacting the office at 765-284-2700
Are you a Garfield Fan? During your next visit to Muncie stop by the Visitors Bureau and see the large selection of Garfield and Muncie items for sale. Also be sure to visit www.garfield.com and www.professorgarfield.org.