the Muncie Digest

History of Muncie

‘- Over the years Muncie has been defined by 2 things, the history of the community and Ball State University. These have helped shape the community, physically and culturally. The area has a rich heritage of Native American culture which slowly developed into what the early pioneers referred to as “Munsee Town”. The Gas Boom of the late 1800’s drastically changed Muncie from an agricultural community to a leading manufacturing center in just a short time. As new businesses came to take advantage of the natural gas for energy, the workforce and population grew. In 1880, 5200 individuals lived in Muncie and by 1910, this number had risen to 24,000. This new economic development brought the Ball Family, internationally famous for manufacturing of the canning Ball Jars, to the community. The 5 Ball Brothers made Muncie their home where they stayed for several years manufacturing their products. Ball State University opened as a small teachers college over 100 years ago. Now Ball State has transformed into a world-class university preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Two famous alumni of Ball State University left their mark in the community. The David Letterman Communication and Media Building is named after TV late night talk show legend. And Ball State Alumni, Jim Davis (creator of Garfield the Cat) has called Delaware County home for many years. Muncie is now a place that nurtures artists, science, agriculture, philosophers, athletes, and musicians. It has become a community of excitement, ideas and inspirations. With every year filled with exciting events, attractions, local commerce, and festivals….You don’t want to miss a moment of what is going on in Muncie and Delaware County!