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Destination: Muncie works tirelessly to enhance the economy and quality of life of the Muncie/ Delaware County by collaboratively leading the marketing and promotion of the region’s attractions, cultural assets, and outdoor as a magnet for people from around the world. 


Muncie and Delaware County will be known and respected for offering extensive, unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that entertain and educate in one of the best towns in the U.S.

The place
we call home.

Our vibrant community offers a spectacle of fantastic, world-class opportunities to experience whatever your passion may be. When setting foot in our Delaware County you will quickly realize, first-hand, the true meaning of Hoosier Hospitality. “Here, you will soon discover a new favorite getaway destination. Lasting memories are created here, and our inclusive attitudes will please and excite any traveler.  
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Did you know?


Bob Ross

Bob Ross, the artist famous for painting “happy little trees,” filmed his captivating half-hour show inside a historic home in Muncie in the 80s. With his soothing voice and effortless brushstrokes, Bob Ross inspired many across the world to embrace the joy of painting. Now a part of Minnetrista’s campus, the historic home has been transformed into an immersive museum exhibit that transports visitors to where the magic happened.

Visit the Bob Ross Experience

Jim Davis & Garfield

Jim Davis, the mastermind behind the global phenomenon that is Garfield comics, embarked on his artistic journey at Ball State University. It was here that Davis fine-tuned his artistic skills, setting the stage for the creation of the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating, iconic orange cat we all adore.

Visit over a dozen unique statues of America’s favorite fat cat created during Garfield’s 25th birthday celebration located throughout the community.

Travel the Garfield Trail in Muncie

David Letterman

David Letterman, the well-known late-night talk show host, began honing his craft at Ball State University. As a student, Letterman showcased his unique wit by playing the worst songs imaginable and creating fake news stories for his college radio gig. Little did the university and Muncie know, it was fostering the talents of a future icon in the world of television.

Learn more about the David Letterman Learning Experience at Ball State University

Meet the team

Kevin Kirby

CEO/Executive Director


Kevin’s career spans over 20 years in Advertising and Tourism. His expertise and leadership are matched only by his wit and sense of humor.

Trenton Bush - Marketing Director

Trenton Bush

Marketing Director


Trenton is a dynamic passionate member of the Destination: Muncie team that seeks collaboration and creativity to fuel projects and deliver results.

Gretchen Bales

Business Manager


Gretchen spends her free time traveling and spoiling her grandkids. Her Irish background keeps her grounded and in touch with her heritage.

Lori Jessee

Visitor Specialist


Lori enjoys being outdoors and loves to golf. She loves to go hiking with her two pups, Axle & Izzi. In her spare time, she dabbles in painting on canvas, concrete, and wood for leisure.

Board of Directors

Jarod Walls – President

Nick Papandria – Vice President

Dillon Carpenter – Treasurer

Mikah Wilson – Secretary

Ashley Wright

Yolanda Taylor

Sally Piper

Kenneth Reed

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Destination: Muncie is funded partially by the revenue brought in by businesses like yours who decide to partner with us. Interested in writing a story or need photos? Contact us at marketing@visitmuncie.org.


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